Councils Supporting Colorado Shines

Early Childhood Councils:

Do you have staff who are supporting providers in Colorado Shines? Do those staff have Salesforce logins? (If you’re not sure, please take a moment and ask them!)

Councils play a critical role in supporting early childcare providers in Colorado Shines. With a Salesforce login, you can get onto Colorado Shines along with a provider, see what they’re seeing, and help them when they’re stuck – even if you’re not there next to them looking at their computer screen.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Use this New User Form to tell ECCLA about your QI Navigators – your councils’ staff who work directly with providers, supporting them with Colorado Shines.
  2. ECCLA will work with CDHS to set up your council’s Salesforce logins.
  3. ECCLA will email How to Use Salesforce instructions to your QI Navigators when their new Salesforce logins are on their way. (In the meantime, any council staff can check out these How to Use Salesforce instructions online in the For QI Navigators page. Scroll down to the section labeled “Salesforce/QRIS Guides.)
  4. Your QI Navigators will receive emails from Salesforce with instructions on how to activate their new accounts and log in.


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