Summer Timeline: CCCAP pilot to June 30

Important dates you need to know for the rest of the CCCAP QI pilot:

April 30 All L3-5 sites must complete both the L2 application and the L3-5 application in Colorado Shines.

  • Licensing approves L2 applications and give access to L3-5 applications. L2 approvals around this deadline are being prioritized.
  • Upon completing the L3-5 application in Colorado Shines, programs will have access to and can begin L3-5 surveys and uploads.

May 15 Deadline for providers to request QI spending. (Councils may continue requesting QI on behalf of providers between now and the end of the month.)

May 31 Deadline for pilot councils to finalize QI usage in Sugar including all review, approvals, and documentation including invoices. By May 31, all QI usage requests in Sugar must be finalized and set to Status: Approved and Ready for Finance Review.

June 1 DECC will analyze remaining available (unused) funds.

June 5 On this week’s Friday call, we will discuss:

  • Update on the CCCAP QI program budget
  • Teacher incentives for PDIS
  • Other plans for additional spending if necessary

June 15 All L2 sites should complete the L2 application in Colorado Shines.

June 30 Last day for council work on CCCAP QI pilot. No council expenses (such as personnel or admin) beyond this date.

Coaching for the CCCAP QI pilot must be completed and logged in Sugar.

July 15 Deadline for councils to submit CCCAP QI pilot invoices. (This deadline applies only to council expenses such as personnel or admin; see above for QI spending deadlines.)

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