Q. QRIS, Sugar, Salesforce, ecConnect: What’s the Difference?

Salesforce and Sugar visual FOR WEBColorado Shines, Colorado’s new QRIS website and application, is built on a Salesforce database. Similarly, ecConnect, the providers’ portal for quality improvement incentives, is built onto a Sugar database for the early childhood councils. Both databases – Salesforce and Sugar – are integrated with data syncing between them. The front-end websites – Colorado Shines and ecConnect – are integrated through a portal, giving providers access to QI funding applications via the Colorado Shines website.

Colorado Shines QRIS is Colorado’s new quality rating system. Licensed child care programs serving children prior to kindergarten entry will be required to participate in the Colorado Shines system. All licensed programs will have the opportunity to market their business on the Colorado Shines website.


Salesforce is the database underlying Colorado Shines QRIS. Salesforce users include some staff members at CDHS, early childhood councils, CCR&Rs, licensing specialists, and ratings specialists.



ecConnect is the front-end portal of the Sugar database, in the same way that Colorado Shines QRIS is the front-end portal of the Salesforce database. Providers and council staff can use ecConnect to view, manage and request QI dollars and coaching resources.

sugar_screenSugarCRM is a separate database which enables early childhood councils to manage the assignment, usage, and reporting of Quality Improvement (QI) funds and incentives. It can also manage a variety of other early childhood council activities such as professional development, coaching, and communication with providers.


Colorado Shines PDIS is a web-based system supporting professional development for Colorado’s early childhood workforce. It will connect early childhood professionals with training and education, including the QRIS Level 2 E-learning Courses.

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