CCCAP QI Pilot: Capital Improvements and Technology Purchases

The process for capital improvements and technology purchases for the CCCAP QI pilot is:

  • Contact Nicole Riehl to get pre-approval for capital improvements or technology purchases.
  • Capital Improvements: get bids from two or more contractors. If the cost is going to be more than $5,000, documentation of those two or more bids must be submitted with the QI usage request.
  • Verify that there are available funds to cover the improvement out of the provider’s assigned funds and/or your council’s discretionary 20%.
  • Enter the request in ecConnect/Sugar, including the estimated dollar amount. This will subtract the funds from the associated QI Asset, so you can see the remaining funds available for other expenses. Leave the request with QB Status: Received Request or something until you have the rest of the info & documentation you need to finalize it.
  • To request or provide payment, depending on the vendor and their payment requirements, see CCCAP QI Pilot: Vendors and Purchasing.
  • After the work is completed or the purchase is made, obtain an invoice from the vendor. (For reimbursements, be sure to gather the required documentation).
  • Finalize the QI usage request in Sugar. See QI Usage: Submit for Finance Review.
  • You’re finished!

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