CCCAP QI round 2: application is open!

The Round 2 application is open and live! This means your Round 2 providers can go online at, complete their Colorado Shines application, and when finished they can go to the QI Incentives tab (under Quality Improvement) to claim their gift card.



  • Your lists of Round 2 sites. You can find these in your Round 2 budget spreadsheets. There are 3 different tabs that contain lists of sites: “Alternative Pathway Sites,” “Maintenance Sites,” and “Addtl Large Med Sites.” You may have round 2 sites in any or all of these tabs.
  • Who gets what? You can find this in your Round 2 budget spreadsheet, in the “QI Table” tab which shows the QI Incentives and coaching that can be provided to sites based on which category (Program Strategy) they are in.
  • More details: Please read the MOUs for a summary of Round 2 including requirements for participating providers and councils. (You must log in to Sugar to access this link.)

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