QI Usage in Sugar: Using Discretionary / Pooled Assets

To use your DISCRETIONARY QI FUNDS, the QI usage request must be tied to the your the discretionary or pooled asset.

For the CCCAP QI Pilot: your discretionary Any QQI asset is assigned to your ECC Account record in Sugar. Take a look for yourself! In Sugar, search for your council by name. Pull up your council’s Account record and scroll down to the QI Assets section. There you can see your discretionary 20% asset, including the initial assigned dollar amount and the remaining (unused) balance.

Using a Discretionary / Pooled Asset

By definition, the discretionary / pooled assets are not assigned to specific providers. That’s what makes them discretionary!

You can start entering the QI usage request via ecConnect – and this may be a good way to make sure that most other fields get completed correctly – but ecConnect will only let you select a QI Asset that belongs to (is assigned to) the provider. Alternatively, you can begin by creating a new QI Usage Request in Sugar.

However you choose to initially create the QI Usage request, follow these steps to attach the request to a discretionary / pooled asset:

  1. Pull up the QI usage request record in Sugar. (If you’re creating it in Sugar, you’ll already have it pulled up on your screen! Otherwise, find the request and click to [Edit] it.)
  2. In the Assets field (near the top of the page), click the arrow icon to begin searching for the QI asset you want to use.*
  3. In the pop-up window, search for the “Any QQI” asset record that is tied to your ECC. When you find it, select it.
  4. Done! (Don’t forget to save.)

*Don’t forget! In Sugar fields like this Assets field, there are two main ways to find and attach a record. You can click the arrow icon to search in a pop-up box, or if you know the name/code you’re looking for, you can start typing it in this field. QI Assets are named with a code that begins with the Account’s abbreviation. So, if you know your council’s abbreviation code in Sugar, you can start typing it here to quickly pull up any assets tied to that account record.

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