QI Usage: Submit for Finance Review

Also see the full guide: QI Usage Requests, Part 2: Managing, Ordering and Reviewing.

When a QI usage request has been reviewed, approved by your council staff, ordered, and invoiced:

To begin, log in to Sugar and go to the QI usage record. To start, just view the QI usage record in Detail view. (Don’t click to edit the record yet. We have some other steps to complete first.)

Invoice & Other Documentation

  1. Upload the invoice. See the Attaching Documentation how-to for more information about adding a Note to the QI usage record and uploading documentation.
  2. Upload any other required documentation too, following the same process.
  3. Capital improvements may require documentation of bids. See Capital Improvements & Technology Purchases.
  4. Requests for reimbursements have special requirements. See the Reimbursement Checklist.

Classrooms & QIP Priorities

All QI usage requests for the CCCAP QI Pilot must be tied to at least one classroom and at least one Quality Improvement Plan element. See Relating QIPs and Classrooms for instructions.

Updating the QI Usage Record

Click to [Edit] the QI Usage record. Set the QB Status to one of these: Received Invoice, Ready for Approval, or Approved & Ready for Finance Review. This will bring up the remaining fields that you need to edit. (If an earlier QB Status is selected, the invoice-related fields will be invisible.)

Next, update the following fields in the Billing Information section:

  1. Vendor Invoice Number: based on the invoice which you have attached to this record.
  2. QB Invoice Date: enter the date on the invoice.
  3. QB Account Code: select the relevant expense type from the drop-down list.
  4. QB Class: for the CCCAP QI pilot, select “207 CCAP QI.”
  5. Update any other fields in this section that need correction.

In the QI Detail section, update:

  1. QI Subtotal: update this if the final order/purchase subtotal, based on the vendor invoice, is different from the subtotal already entered here.
  2. Shipping Cost: if applicable.
  3. Discount Amount: enter as a dollar amount, if applicable.


When you have finalized, updated and double-checked the request, you are ready to submit it for payment. Set the QB Status to “Approved and Ready for Finance Review.”


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