Quick tip: you can send links to Sugar records

To show or share a record in Sugar with another Sugar user:

  1. Pull up the record in Sugar that you want to show to someone. The record can be an Account, Contact, QI Usage record, or almost anything else. (Search results generally can’t be shared in this way.) Pull up the record in Detail view, NOT in Edit view where you can make and save changes.
  2. See the address bar at the top of your web browser? It says some complicated-looking code that probably starts like this: “https://sugar.denverearlychildhood.org/index.php?module=oss_Debits.” Click that to highlight the entire text/code/URL in the address bar, copy it, and paste it into an email.

Screen shot: browser address bar

The recipient must be a Sugar user, and they must log in to Sugar to follow your link and view the record.

Note: the recipient must have access in Sugar to view the same records as you do. (For example, if they are with a different council than you, they usually will not be able to see records related to your council. In some cases, different types of users – QI Navigators, coaches, managers, etc. – may also have different access in Sugar.) 


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