Relating QIPs and Classrooms (Managing QI Usage Requests and Coaching Logs)

Relating QIPs and Classrooms

Managing QI Usage Requests and Coaching Logs


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In Sugar, QIP Priorities and Classrooms data synced from Salesforce, where they are stored based on the data entered into Colorado Shines QRIS.

Both of these types of records – QIP Priorities and Classrooms – can be attached to QI usage and spending in Sugar through the QI Usage module and the Coaching module. For some funding streams, each QI usage record and/or coaching log must be attached to at least one QIP priority and at least one classroom.

Look for QIP and Classroom Data

To find out whether the provider (Account) has QIP priorities and/or classroom data available to select in Sugar, go to the Account record in Sugar and scroll down to the subpanel tabs labeled “QIP High Priorities” or “Classrooms.”


If nothing appears in these sections, the provider should enter the data in Colorado Shines QRIS. Classroom data is entered in the Classrooms section of the initial Colorado Shines application. QIP data is entered under “Quality Improvement” in the QIP section.

QIP and Classroom data sync nightly from Salesforce to Sugar. Once the data has been entered into Colorado Shines, you will need to wait until the next day to see the data in Sugar.


To add or edit the QIP priorities or classrooms, on either a QI usage record or a coaching log:


  1. Pull up the record (the QI usage record or coaching log). Do NOT click to edit the record; just click its name to pull up the record in view mode.
  2. Scroll down the page to the subpanels section:qip_class_2
  3. Click the down arrow next to the [Create] button. This will bring up a [Select] option. Click [Select].qip_class_3


  1. This brings up the “Search Classrooms” (or “Search QIP Priorities”) window. Here you will search for and select the classrooms (or QIP elements) to associate with your QI Usage/Coaching record.qip_class_4


    This list is all – yes, all – of the classrooms (or QIP priorities) for all providers in your council’s service area. You are going to want to filter this list. The Name field allows you to search by the name of the QIP priority, which is actually a code, something like “ABC12 – LeadershipManagementAdmin – 03/31/2015 05:15 am.” You probably want to search with the Accounts field, where you can type all or part of the program name and then run your search.

  1. To select Classrooms (or QIP priorities), check the checkbox next to its name on the list. You can select more than one if appropriate.



  1. To select all Classrooms/QIP priorities (once you have filtered your search so that you have only the Classrooms/QIP priorities for one particular site):qip_class_5


  1. Click the [Select] button to add the selected Classrooms/QIP priorities.qip_class_6

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