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Intro to Sugar 7

Welcome to SugarCRM, councils! To get started with Sugar version 7, take a few minutes to watch these tutorials from the SugarCRM team. (Please note: these tutorials are for SugarCRM in general, so they’re not specific to ECCLA or councils. They have a lot of helpful information, but keep in mind that these lessons were not created just for us!)  Getting Started […]

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Q. What is a QI Navigator?


A. QI Navigators deliver services and support to early learning programs as they access grant funds and move forward in QRIS/Colorado Shines. Working in partnership with Coaches, a QI Navigator’s role includes: * Providing technical assistance with sites entering and working with QRIS/Colorado Shines * Managing and processing QI usage requests * Ensuring compliance of QI expenditures with funding stream […]

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Duplicating QI Usage Requests

Why would you want to split a QI usage request? Sometimes a vendor may split an order into two or more invoices (usually if some items are backordered and will ship/invoice separately). Sometimes you may want to use multiple funding streams to pay for a single order. In cases like this, you can duplicate the initial QI usage record to […]

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Colorado Shines Garden Kit

Photo courtesy photon_de https://www.flickr.com/photos/photon_de/

Earth Box Site Pack and Essentials (Kaplan Early Learning: Item number 63158, $182.45) Organic vegetables Gardening with Young Children (book) Child’s garden hand tool set Watering can Earthbox Early Learning site pack (garden box) Gardening gloves An additional optional stand can be added to the kit for $49.16 (Item number 25712).  This will raise the garden box to an appropriate […]

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